Concert Group

25 years ago the NAOC, as it was then, began to perform Concerts to give members the opportunity to carry on singing when not in rehearsal for a major production. They regularly take their talents into the community, singing songs from the musicals. We also have their a Musical Director and Accompanist especially for these Concerts and rehearsals.

We always welcome new singers who would prefer to be part of a smaller group, or who have missed the start of the main show that year. After a successful audition, new members are fully paid up to NMTC and receive information regarding social events and auditions. They may also be asked if they would like to assist during the run of the company’s main production. New Member's are accepted at any point through the year.

If you would like more information on the concert group, or would like to book us for an event, please contact our secretary, Jude Howard on 07854325705 or Cliff Billing on 01604 643043.
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