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NMTC has an enthusiastic and talented membership but we are always eager to maintain our high standards, and constantly try to strengthen our company. If you are over 16 and interested in acting, singing and/or dancing or could bring practical stagecraft skills to our productions we would like to hear from you.

Main show auditions are only open to Company members; therefore you must attend a New Members' Audition before the show.
If you are under 16, please look into our Youth Company, which you do not need to join before show auditions!

Next Audition

The date for your next chance to join the company will be on May 15th 2017. Note that being part of the NMTC company does not guarantee you a part in our production.

You will have to register your place before the audition by emailing with your name, age, gender, (very) brief experience and a contact number. The New Members' Audition will be at the Northgate School Art College, in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. The evening will start at 7:30pm with individual singing auditions, finishing by 9:30pm latest.
There is no fee to audition for the Company, but note the membership subscriptions.

Please note the following for individual auditions:
  • You must provide your own sheet music for our pianist to accompany you.
  • Your audition song doesn't have to be from a musical, as long as you feel it shows you off to your best
  • Our auditions are often very busy, so please don’t be offended if we stop you mid-song. In fact if your favourite verse isn’t the first one, it may be best to start part way through the song, please discuss this with our pianist when you come in for your audition.
  • We prefer live piano accompaniment, however if you would like to use a backing track, please ensure that it is Karaoke style (no pre-recorded singing) and bring along something to play it on! Please also be prepared to sing some exercises with our pianist, so that we can check that you can follow the piano.
Please also join our mailing list to be kept up to date!
Note that you can also audition for the company at any time via our concert group to perform in our regular concerts. Keep up to date for further details of the next audition via Facebook, Twitter and via our mailing list.

Membership Types

For full details on Full, Student and Non-Performing Memberships, please see our Subscriptions and Fees page.

Show Auditions

To be eligible to audition for our shows, you must already be a member of NMTC, please see above for details of joining the company. Also note that being part of the NMTC company does not guarantee you a part in the shows.
  • The Company Audition for Summer Holiday will be on January 16th 2017
  • See our Rehearsal Schedule for more details
The Audition Pieces for our next production, 'The Wizard of Oz' are available now. Here's how to apply to audition:
  1. Already have passed a New Members' Audition (see above)
  2. Pay your membership fees on WebCollect
  3. Access the audition pieces in our Members' Area
  4. Email with who you'd like to audition for by Monday 12th June
  5. Come along to the sing through on Monday 12th June, at Northgate School Arts College
    • Also bring your own copy of the sheet music to use, and something to record the pianist playing your piece.
  6. Bring along an audition form on the audition day
  7. See the Rehearsal Schedule for more details, and the final schedule once we know the number of people auditioning for each part

As per our Constitution, we will be enforcing the attendance rules. If you miss rehearsals (without good, and forewarned reasons) then you may be asked to leave the cast. Bad attendance will also affect your chance of a future succesful audition.
The rehearsal dates will be available on the Rehearsal Schedule. If you are auditioning for a role in the show, you will expected to attend all of the Setting rehearsals. Not being able to attend Setting rehearsals will lessen the strength of your audition, however not declaring that you will be missing rehearsals until after you have been cast will count against your next audition!
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