Membership Fees

Annual Membership of NMTC runs between April to March each year. A membership payment is due to be paid whether you are in a performing, or non-performing role. Being a paid up member of NMTC allows you to audition for any of our shows, attend rehearsals to see 'behind the scenes' of our upcoming shows, as well as supporting one of the UK's oldest amateur theatre companies.

Audition Fee for new members

Currently it is free to audition!

Membership of NMTC

  Annual Monthly
Non-Acting Membership £30 -
Membership £100 £8.33
Student Membership £50 £4.17

Setup your payment on WebCollect


We have now moved to managing all of our membership fees online. You can set up annual or monthly payments on

There are several different ways to join NMTC, if you want to just maintain your membership, but do not intend on performing, you should select a 'Non-Acting Membership'. This is a one time annual payment of £30.

If you would like to perform in our shows, you should select either an 'Annual Membership' at a one time annual payment of £100, or Monthly at £8.33. If you are currently in Full-Time Education (Students), then the Performing Member fees are half price, that is £50 Annually, or £4.17 a month. You only need to set up your payment once, and it will continue to auto-renew each year. You can log in again whenever you want should you wish to alter it.

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up your payment:

  1. Go to and choose New Members: Join Here. Select the type of membership that you want, and how many (e.g. for couples or families). Then click Add to Basket. Next click Checkout in the top right.
  2. Next create an account with webcollect, you'll need to enter your name, email and a password. The next screen asks for your address, then (if you've added multiple memberships) to allocate them to different people.
  3. Optional: You are then asked for some more contact information.
  4. Optional: The next screen asks for your areas of interest, add in anything that you are interested in helping out with here. Backstage, props, Front of House, performing, etc.
  5. On the next screen choose Enter Payment, then Allow Future Payments, to set this up to auto-renew. Click Complete Transaction.
  6. The next page is where you enter your account details to set up the direct debit (this is done on a website called, this is what will appear on your statements)
  7. You'll be returned to webcollect, click Place Order to finsih.
  8. You're done - Thanks! You can click Go To My Account, and you'll be able to see your Membership type listed.

Non-Acting Member

To become a non-performing member, there is no need to audition. Along with your subscription fee, please send us details of:

  • Your name, Address, Contact Number and Email Address
  • What, if anything, you are interested in doing:
    • Front of House, Committee/Sub-committees, etc
Updated: March 2017
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